If you think Medicare is enough, think again!

Medicare is a medical insurance but that does not mean it is comparable to other comprehensive health coverage you have enjoyed when you were working. Medicare will not cover every medical expense. You will have to pay for the dental, vision and hearing aids out of your pocket.

If you think Medicare is just like your work-based health insurance plan, then you are wrong. There are lots of expenses it does not cover. Here is what you need to know about t it:  https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

  • It might cover your diagnostic hearing test as a result of an illness or injury but it will not cover the expense of your routine hearing tests or even the hearing aids you use.
  • Similarly, Medicare might pay for the medical treatments for vision problem as a result of an illness or injury but it won’t pay for your routine tests, eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Medicare doesn’t pay for your routine dental treatment either. It will only pay for the treatments resulting from an illness or injury.

Long story short, Medicare coverage has significant gaps because of its deductibles and copayments. What should you do then? If you already have Medicare, it is time to consider getting Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Advantage plan. It is best to get a combination of plans since a combo package always give better coverage even if you have plans of traveling out of the state.

When you are choosing a plan, remember that premium is only one part of the story. The plan that is cheap is certainly not going to provide you with good coverage. The bottom line is Medicare is not enough on its own. You will either have to get a combination plan or buy Medicare Advantage Plan. Some experts say Medicare Advantage Plan can help you save money. A combination plan has its own benefit too – it gives you more choice.  Do your due diligence and find a medical insurance plan that covers you the most when you need it the most.

Living in your 80s is not easy in America. You would want to spend the time to take each option one by one and explore what you can get. That’s the only way you can make a smart decision. That will also help you enjoy your retirement in peace knowing that if anything happens to you, your insurance will cover it. You or your family will not have to worry about paying the medical bills out of your pocket.